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Culturelines Print Issue II - The Revolution Issue - Available Now

The Revolution Issue

Not all revolutions are equal.

There are the big loud ones that are impossible to avoid, forcing change en masse. 

Others are more subtle – starting with one person, and slowly building in power and presence until they change everything around us.

These start without a massive uprise, driven by the knowledge that something needs to change or a problem needs to be solved. The invention of a new technology can also become the foundation for massive global shifts.

These are the types of revolutions I’m most interested in, and this is what we explore in this issue of Culturelines. MOVEMENT

In every story, there is a foundational idea that maybe didn’t seem like much at the time, possibly even failing at first. But all proved to be globally influential, whether that change happened overnight, took 20 years, or is still just getting started.

From a scrappy crew of New York kids whose culture and aesthetic became pervasive in every area of modern life, to common sense thinking from an uncommon person, or even a circuitry error that changed the world of music- These are ideas that break racial, social, and gender barriers. They are the movements that create progress and transformational change, even if they start quietly.

The amazing part is that all of us have the same potential to spark a revolution, starting with a small idea, and through belief and perseverance, create a movement of our own. 

What is YOUR revolution?

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